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Our Sustainable Future” is not just a high-level strategy document. It is a detailed action plan and toolkit focussing on delivery, setting out achievable outcomes around five key pillars.

We have set out a number of Key Performance Indicators behind each objective, through which we will measure and report on our success.

Measuring success 

Behind each objective is a number of Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) where we have set a minimum and aspirational target for each of our developments. 

Our KPIs have been carefully selected to ensure they produce more sustainable, energy efficient and low carbon developments.

The targets against these KPIs have been set using guidance from industry bodies like UKGBC, RICS and the LETI and we will monitor and report on our performance to ensure we are continually improving.

To help us create the biggest positive impact on local communities, we have developed our own social value tool. It focuses on defining a social value strategy at the outset of a project, setting specific targets and measuring impact. 

You can find out more about our approach here by clicking our Sustainable Development Brief below.